Heather Mae is the new queer Adele.”




 - "I AM ENOUGH" EP Press (2016-2017):

  • "The incredibly talented queer folk pop artist Heather Mae returns with her new EP. The new 5-song collection entitled, I AM ENOUGH is a bold breakout from Heather’s earlier work as a folk singer-songwriter strumming a ukulele. Mae incorporates her own interesting indie-pop sound ... Mae seeks to write music for those in need of an anthem and doesn’t shy away from covering topics not often heard in pop music." - CURVE Magazine
  • "Plus-size pop-singer, Mae, has no use for old-fashioned stereotypes about what a protest singer should look like." - NPR, All Things Considered
  • "Part of the reason for the rave reviews is not only Mae’s voice, which has brought her comparisons to other power vocalists, such as Adele, but also her willingness to address difficult social issues, such as body shaming in her music." ... "But her basic message stays the same: Just because society tells you that you are broken, doesn’t mean that you are broken." - Psychology Today
  • "Heather Mae stole the show. "I asked the audience to stand with me and join the cause.” And stand they did. She had the festival grounds filled with people standing and singing along, many with tear-filled eyes." - Boulder Beat
  • "The new queer Adele." - L-MAG, Germany
  • "[I AM ENOUGH] EP will surely leave listeners longing for more from the singer." - Baltimore OUTloud
  • "The LGBTQ Community has always had a body image problem, and now we have an anthem to change that." - AudioFuzz
  • "[Heather Mae's] got talent to burn, both as a singer and a songwriter...This is the kind of EP that will surely leave listeners longing for more from the singer." - Out Smart Magazine
  • "Heather Mae's self-empowering five-song EP I AM ENOUGH is deserving of attention. She's got talent to burn, both as a singer and a songwriter." - The Bay Area Reporter
  • "An upbeat, jazzy pop song, ‘Hero’ is every bit as appealing to the ears as it is empowering – just like the artist set out to make her new music." FLURT Magazine

- "I AM ENOUGH" Kickstarter Press (Dec 2015):

  • "Heather Mae is tired of turning on the radio and hearing songs she can’t connect to. She’s tired of turning on the TV and seeing bodies that don’t look like her’s. So she’s doing something about it by redefining what its means to be ‘good enough.’ " - FLURT Magazine

- "One Year of Songs" Album Press (2012):

  • “[Mae's] songs are charming even outside the context of the original [“One Year of Songs”] project, and she captures her prolific streak with a reflective sigh.” - The Washington Post
  • "Each day Mae wrote, produced and performed a new song. What resulted was a revolution." - Posh 7 Magazine
  • "Beautifully written, engagingly crafted, and accomplished in execution, Heather Mae's "One Year of Songs" should see her gain plaudits and fans around the globe." - PopCulturez.com

- One Year of Songs, The Project, Press (2011):

  • "Heather has taken on even more creative responsibility while performing around the country, her goal being to write a song every day for a year." - Huffington Post (page bottom)


  • 'I AM ENOUGH' (ep) #58 on iTunes Pop Album charts (6/10/2016)
  • 2017 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Contest - First Place Winner
  • 2017 Telluride Bluegrass Songwriter Contest - 2nd Place
  • 2017 Wildflower Music and Arts Festival - People's Choice Winner
  • 2017 Folk Alliance International - Official Showcase Artist
  • 2016 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition - Gold Winner (Adult Contemporary)
  • 2016 NERFA Tricentric Songwriter Showcase
  • 2016 Unsigned Only Competition Semi-Finalist - AAA (Adult Album Alternative) and Vocal Performance
  • 2016 Kerrville New Folk Festival Finalist
  • 2016 Falcon Ridge Grassy Hill Songwriting Finalist
  • 2012 Wammie Nomination - Best Folk-Contemporary Recording ("One Year of Songs")
  • 2012 Wammie Nomination - Best New Artist