"Heather Mae is one of the Washington, DC area's top singer-songwriters, and I have to include her in my series at least once a year.  She's got a fantastic voice, substantive lyrics that speak eloquently to her life experiences, and great overall presence as a performer.  You should get to know this lady and her music -- she's a real firecracker, and her marvelous music and beautiful soul is sure to leave a lasting impression."
- David Holiday, Stone Room Concerts, Falls Church, VA

"Heather Mae brings her powerful songs, her passion, and her high-energy presence wherever she performs.  Whether at Falcon Ridge as an Emerging Artist; as a winner at the Songwriters Association of Washington; or in an intimate setting at my Folk 'N Great Music house concert, she delights and connects with her audiences.  Heather Mae is an extraordinary new talent!"
- Cheryl Kagan, Folk 'N Great Music, Rockville MD



Think of it as a potluck or party with live entertainment! By hosting a house concert, you are not only supporting independent music as a patron of the arts (and helping Heather Mae pay her bills) but you are providing the space for an original musical event unlike ANY show at a venue. It's an evening where music, stories, food, and drinks are enjoyed in the comfort of your home, with your favorite people, and your favorite music. 

To start, is your home big enough to host 20-30 people? If not, do you know someone who would be willing to host? Think outside the box! You may be surprised how many people can fit in a small living room, loft, or backyard. After a date is picked, create an invite (Heather provides all the necessary info), invite your friends, gather some chairs, patio furniture, or ask your guests to bring a chair with them. Arrange the seating in concert style (the cozier the better). Heather Mae usually arrives three hours before "doors", to set up her instruments and get ready. Although not required, Heather is always uber grateful when her hosts provide dinner before she performs (it's the little things!). After the show, she usually unwinds with the hosts, has a beverage of some kind, and sits in awe of the amazing humans who helped bring her music to their town. Finally, it's custom for the host to provide a space for Heather to sleep, whether a guest bedroom or a hotel for the evening (either works for her). That's it!

There are three options that are acceptable:

  • SUGGESTED DONATION: Guests are notified ahead of time of the pre-determined suggested donation amount ($15-$25 preferred). Tip buckets are placed in high traffic areas around the house. With this option, please keep in mind that someone is bound to drop out last minute and it's courtesy for the host to cover the cost. Not necessary but it's always nice, y'all!
  • HOST PROVIDES ARTIST GUARANTEE: This option is for the host who doesn't want to bother with donations. The host would provide Heather Mae a guarantee, eliminating any worry about covering her travel costs. Heather leaves with her bills paid and your friends attend a FREE once-in-a-blue-moon musical experience. Transaction is sealed with grateful hugs and thanks from Heather Mae. What's the travel cost? Ask Heather Mae to provide an estimate!

2:00 - 2:30 PM: Guests arrive, eat, drink, and be merry
2:30 - 3:00 PM: First set of music
3:00 - 3:10 PM: Break
3:10 - 3:40 PM: Second set of music
3:40 - 4:00 PM: Merch and meet
4:00 - 4:30 PM: Hangs and hugs

7:00 - 7:30 PM: Guests arrive, eat, drink, and be merry
7:30 - 8:00 PM: First set of music
8:00 - 8:10 PM: Break
8:10 - 8:40 PM: Second set of music
8:40 - 9:00 PM: Merch and meet
9:00 - 9:30 PM: Hangs and hugs

When there is a will, there is a way! Here are a couple ideas to rally the troops and gather your friends:

1. Join forces with a friend or family member!
2. Special occasions that combine well with a house concert: housewarming parties, birthdays, reunions, and anniversaries!
3. Events that focus on gathering friends: brunch, dinner parties, "dessert and song", and themed house parties!

To invite your friends, you can use individual e-mails, a private or public Facebook event, Evite or Paperless Post – whatever you are most comfortable with. Heather Mae can absolutely help with this. Please check out the invite template at the bottom of this page! Feel free to use and edit as you see fit. 

Email Heather Mae! No idea is too crazy. Let's try it!


Hello everyone!

I’m excited to tell you that I will be hosting a house concert on _______ and I've asked one of my favorite musicians, Heather Mae, to play an intimate house concert in my home. Heather Mae is a pop-folk singer-songwriter from Washington, DC and I've asked her to play because [insert your love of Heather Mae here].

You can find her music here:

If you would like to attend, and I think you would, please respond by _______ and let me know how many people are in your party! This is a house show, so there is limited space – so of course we want to make sure you are counted before it fills up.

Here are the details:
- There is a suggested donation of ______ per guest. We ask each guest to donate what they can at the door and to consider purchasing Heather Mae's newest record or other merch to support her tour & artistic endeavors!

- The concert will be a potluck-style event [IF IT IS], so please bring a dish to share if you’d like.

- Doors are at __ PM and music begins promptly at __ PM. 

- The event takes place at the following address: ________ 

- (Do people need to bring anything else? folding chairs, etc?)

- (Do you need to provide information about parking? If so, do that here.)

Thank you for helping me support a talented, independent musician. This will be a night to remember!

Your Name