dear diary,

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Gender Stereotypes Are Dumb; Also, JNCO Jeans

I wear baggy pants. A lot. Like, not JNCO style baggy. Oh my god. Please let us give praise to those days...

But I wear flannel (please hold the lesbian jokes), loose-fitted t-shirts, boots, sweatpants, hoodies, and on…

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International Women's Day 2017

Today is International Women's Day. 
Today, I celebrate the women in my life. 
Today, I celebrate our work towards equality. 
Today, I reflect on why we need today at all. 

- Buying a drill at Home Depot, I was…

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Get Ready To Launch...And Engaged!

The holidays for me were spent eating carbs, playing with my niece and nephews, having dinner with friends (more carbs), and getting engaged! THAT’S RIGHT! In Central Park, on a cold Winter day, she got down on one knee, asked…

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YONA New York: Jersey Anywhere Dress

After a very successful first show in Roanoke, VA at The Spot on Kirk, Rah came to visit me on one of my rare weekends off while I'm on tour. We spent two days relaxing, eating carbs and cheese, and…
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National Coming Out Day, 2016

I haven't always been the confident queer girl in this photo. 


Proudly waving a Pride flag in public, with the biggest of smiles, completely unafraid of telling the world she is queer and she is normal…

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Why I Can Never Give Up

My former high school drama teacher taught a class focusing on my song "Hero", a song about writing your own story and not allowing others to define what is right, successful, beautiful, correct. What an honor.

A student of hers…

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You're Actually Listening

I talk. A lot.

Everyone who goes to my shows knows this and expects it. These days, when I'm on stage, I never start a song until we have reached the place where the only thing left to do is…

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"Fat ass"

"What you lookin' at, man?" 

A broad, plus size man, walking down the street, calls out to a lean, short man. 

Man #1: "Take a picture mother f**ker." 
Man #2: "Whadyou say to me?" 
Man #1: "You keep…

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Say Their Names


350 names of the hundreds of black people killed by the police from 1999-2016. Most occurred between 2014-2016. The names in bold were unarmed. Another name was added to the list this week...Terence Crutcher. 

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Nap Time In Chicago

Taking naps on long drives is a requirement when living on the road. I have napped in the parking lot of almost every fast food chain, gas station, and on the side of every highway in the US (at a…

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Taking Days Off Is For Suckers (Ugh)

I'm not good at taking days off. 

Somewhere around college, I convinced myself that because I'm an artist, without a 9-5 job, I just don't get to enjoy 24 hours of no work. I get maybe a couple hours…

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Dear Diary

Dear diary,

I have a secret. 

I have no idea if I am doing this whole life thing right.

But here's the thing, I don't think anyone does. I know some people who preach that they've got it all figured…

Hi. I'm heather mae.

Dear Diary,

My name is Heather Mae.

I am a singer-activist.
I am proudly bipolar and queer.
I am a fat babe who loves her body.
I am on a mission to prove that all humans are enough.

This diary is a place for my words left unsung.